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. >> go ahead. >> yes, my name is keith dennis. and i would like to say god bless you board members and god bless the city and county of san francisco. today i want to ask a question. do other committees or groups have public phone calls, where when they have public comment, like they say for the board of sups if i wanted to make a public comment over the phone, is that available to me? >> hi, mr. dennis, i apologize to you, there is a problem with our bridge line. if we could have someone from the control room come up here and mr. dennis, if you wouldn't mind staying on the line. we're going to get the bridge line working and then try to get back to you. perhaps we can go to our next item and as soon as we get the bridge line working, we want the people in the room here and the council members and the audience at home and people who are rely on captioning to have the benefit of all that you are saying. >> thank you. >> could you just hold for a bit and we'll get someone up from the control room to assist us and move on to our agenda and get back to you as soon as we can. >> tha
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sports anchor dennis o'donnell that the 49, must put pressure on ryan or else. >> you got to get pressure. that's the most important thing. look, justin smith, aldon smith, ray mcdonald, they have to have big pressure. otherwise matt ryan throwing from the pocket the surgeon that he is going to carve you up. they have to get pressure on the marine or he will slice them and pick up big plays and yards. >> think the 9ers can do it. the big game is this sunday afternoon. >>> two veteran players should add up to a great game in the afc chesapeake. ravens line baker ray lose playing tom brady. -- linebacker ray lewis playing tom brady, that game is on cbs 5 sunday at 3:30. e mal youremail your photos to us at mornings@cbs5.com. >>> we have to hand it to the folks in green bay. >> they really came through. we made a bet with the local cbs affiliate last week on the outcome of last weekend's play- off game and packers lost. >> of course. >> and did they pay up in a big way. check it out. >> ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ high up on a hil
monday alongside sports director dennis o'donnell and reporters vern glenn and mike sugerman. should be a good time. >> is there a game coming up. >> that is big game. >>> let's check the other headlines now on this tuesday. people in walnut creek will get a chance to sound off tonight about plans to close a fire station there. community meeting set for 7:00 p.m. at the walnut heights elementary school. trying to cut costs and the shutdown of station four is part of the plan. they meet tonight. >>> police continue to search for suspects in two violent home invasions robberies in piedmont. they were less than an hour apart. they were on opposite sides of the city though early yesterday. but investigators think the same group of armed men were responsible and both cases. nobody was seriously injured though. >>> and nonstop flights between san jose and tokyo will remain on hold until at least next monday. they grounded their fleet of boeing new 787 dreamliner aircrafts and government has also ordered all u.s. airlines that do the same in the wake o
today. >> nobody is looking away. all right, thank you very much. >>> sports director dennis o'donell is here with more on the record comeback. it was a cool game. >> yes. she is going to make her first ark peerance on "game day" in 20 minutes. john harbaugh has not reacted to playing his brother. because he was on the plane when it was discovered who they were going to play. the tpraoeupers have not won 3 in a -- the 49ers have not won 3 in a row all year. tpogd came from 3 points down. aoá nobody came from 3 points down -- nobody came from 3 points down. he had 90 yards, two touchdowns and the defense shutout the falcons in the 2nd half and the 49ers win 28-24. headed to the super bowl. here is vern glen in atlanta. >> reporter: good evening, from the georgia dome in atlanta. the game may have been over hours ago but the tingles of that 49 irwin over the falcons to advance to the super bowl is going to last at least until february 3rd when they are actually there. >> a big top for the 49ers defensively. >> you know, we never blink. we g
new orleans with reports from dennis o'donnell, vern glen, michelle griego is heading off, mike sugarman as well. >>> colin kaepernick's hometown in the centralically is rooting for him as he prepares to play in football's biggest game. in turlock a number 7 jersey with the player's autograph hangs above the entrance to the kitchen at a restaurant he and his family often visited. super bowl sunday 300 people are expected at the restaurant. >> the whole city is into our boy. come on, go get 'em, colin. >> we're so happy our local boy took us to the super bowl. >> number 7 was sold out before christmas, but it's still possible to customize a kaepernick jersey as long as the shirt is initial nfl merchandise. lots of people are scrambling to get the 49'ers gear. >> that's the hot one. >>> one guy who is benefitting from the success is the quarterback's tattoo artist. >> he works in reno, kaepernick was his canvas since 2008 at the university of nevada wolf pack. his customer base has grown dramatically. >> i was amazed. i didn't really expect it
sports director dennis o'donnell. joined by michelle griego and mike sugerman. >> where can you find best deals. 9ers coverage still ahead. >>> our other big story tonight. the inauguration of a president. live pictures at one of the balls in washington, d.c. gets going. the president just took the stage and spoke via satellite to some u.s. troops in afghanistan. he then shared a special dance with the first lady. cbs 5's christin ayers is in washington, d.c. >> reporter: here at the ball things are if full swing. you saw pictures of the president and mrs. of bay area mall having a dance. they will do the same thing at the inaugural ball. a history making day that left some residents we spoke to speechless. >> president obama took the oath for his second term standing in front of the capital. >> i sol recommendly swear. >> he placed his hand on two bible. one belonging to abraham lincoln and the other to dr. king. >> it is our generation's task to carry on what those pioneers began? in his inaugural address the president gave vision. >> we
orleans, i'll be there with dennis o'donnell, vern glenn and mike sugarman, watch on cbs 5 on february 3. >>> the golden state warriors keep winning against the top team in the division, the los angeles clippers. racking up assists, he's had ten in the last few games. a pass in the fourth quarter, it looks good. the warriors won 106-99 for their third win over the clippers this season. our play of the day... winnipeg goalie on-drej pav-e-lec gets boston's pa >>> what a defensive gem for our play of the day, winnipeg's goalie says the save on the shot from boston's bergeron as he protected the goal, but the bruins beat the jets 2-1. >>> 625. a multi-million dollar repair job starts today on the bay bridge. >>> the president and first lady dance the night away, and now it's back to work in washington, and there's compromise in the air. >>> if you want super bowl tickets, we crunch the numbers, how much it's going to cost you if you want to go. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-vers
something. it's not quite how he expected. wait until you see his catch. i'm dennis o'donnell. and the capper is king but can you tell me how many days joe montana has been on the cover of "sports illustrated"? the answer is coming up. huge commitment today to get returning vets back to work. >>> jobs for 100,000 veterans. retail giant walmart made that huge commitment today to get returning vets back to work. critics say the hiring push gets tax breaks for walmart but does little to help veterans get back on their feet. here's cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts. >> reporter: call it a campaign for good will. in addition to touting everydie low prices, walmart is now offering jobs to veterans. >> i think this is really good news. >> reporter: lance frederick of the department of veterans afares reiterates the sentiments of walmart's ceo: veterans make hard working loyal employees but he is concerned about the caveat in the offer to hire any honorably discharged veteran within onier of active doubt. >> that's unfortunate that they
, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >>> a lot of people are excited tonight. a new member to our nbc family, ahmad fareed joins our family. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> i'm ready for you. a good night. the last time warriors and heat faced off, they won with a trey by draymond. but tonight they have to do it without stephen curry, who's out after an ankle injury during morning shoot-around. lebron did not disappoint. first quarter, dwyane wade, alley-oop. second quarter, lebron james making history. youngest player in nba history to score 20,000 career points. this one, it was a blowout. heat win easily, 92-75. >> tomorrow has to be a day we get better, you know what i mean? we can't just use days we have games to be a better team. we have to use tomorrow, clean some things up, look at some film. and, you know, we're not one to dwell, hang our heads. it's one game. >> we came out from the opening tip. we didn't wait around. we came out with a defensive mindset. got stops early and the offense kept us collin kaepernick, ever wants to know a little more about the guy leading the 49ers to t
it will be dennis mcdonald. he will replace jack lew who is nominated of course for treasury secretary. >>> and plans will be announced for trains on the new high speed rail project. they will be holding a conference in washington d.c. and they will announce they are working together to get high speed rail trains and new equipment. some are holding a very unique contest which holds a billion dollar contract with those that are digging. voters can pick from a list of 5 names and there are women who help shape the list of san francisco. they include mary ellen pleasant and lilly hitch connect known for firefighting and the big tower. the event will end next wednesday. >>> he tried to grab a three- year-old girl right out of her mother's arms. take a look at the stretch. the man is described as latino with jeans and a yellow striped shirt at the time. their daughter was playing outside when the man walked up and complemented her daughter's beauty. he tried to pull the girl from her arms and she managed to break free. >>> a man accused of killing another man is being held in the killing ev
. it will probably be dennis mcdonald. he would replace jack lew who the president nominated to be the new treasury secretary. >>> and following a new lead in the jimmy who have that case -- jimmy h o f a. he spent a lot of years tied to organized crime. he disappeared from a detroit restaurant but he was told where jimmy's body was buried after he was released. >>> well police in berkeley are searching for a man who was robbed at gunpoint. it opened 25 minutes after they opened for business and -- it happened 25 minutes after they opened for business. he got away with an underdisclosed amount of cash. >>> james is being charged with the murder and they were seen leaving together and one man's body was later bound and gagged and his home had been burglarized. sal, i know it is early, how are we doing? >> we are okay and in fact this is the time when you are having a little bit of a break, dave if people want to get into the city for an important meeting or drive into the valley, let's look at 280, we are starting on the peninsular in fact from 380, the drive time there is 8 minutes from 380 down to
. as abc 7 news found out, one big name publisher is doing just that. dennis li playing a game hitting stores january 22. >> go on. cut. >> if it looks like japanese animation that, is because sit. >> this is an animation studio out of japan. they're kind of known as the disney of japan. >> a popular style movie to broaden appeal of an older style of game. >> which has been a more niche audience for role playing games. they've layered witness a story and characters that appeal to everybody. >> he runs on sony play station three, around six years, consoles can get better as older. >> they mature through times developers learn to develop games better on them. >> the developers know not everyone is going to go out to buy a play station. so they're focusing on this crowd. >> tech and card tournament takes a 17-year-old fighting game franchise into the world of casual gaming. >> you can get in there. takes about two minute autos it's better if you buy trading cards. bringing characters to life. phone has been harolded as the future of gaming but they're banking on the cones yol, gaming on t
, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >>> authorities are issuing a warning about a new scam involving gift cards. santa cruz sheriff's deputies say they have found tampered cards. they say the bar code is covered by another bar code and if that card is scanned, the number would end up on the thief's card instead of the rightful owner. >> make sure the backing on the card isn't torn, it might look like it's been altered a little bit. our suggestion actually is to get a card that has a secured backing. >> so far investigators say that nobody has come forward to say they have a faulty card. but some may have been given the cards and not used them yet. >>> the clorox will continue to lease more than half of the building for its headquarters. west core says it will renovating the lobby to attract new tenants. >>> uc regents say they do not anticipate the need to raise tuition next fall. today was the second day of a three day board meeting in san francisco. the regents said the governor's funding proposal is less than they requested. but it's a welcomed reversal from years of budget cuts and tu
inmate ask double murderer dennis stanworth was back before a judge today to enter a plea. >> one week after he confessed to killing his mother in an emotional outburst, former death row instatemate stayed mostly quiet this, time, the 70-year-old entered a not guilty plea plae to the murder of nellie stanworth in his home. last week he said he was guilty. >> right. >> it's a standard plea in any case so that is what he entered today. >> in the a surprise? >> no. no. >> this prosecutor says nellie stanworth was likely killed in early november. saying the autopsy revealed it was murder. saying it did not appear his wife knew about the death though the body had been on the property sometime. stanworth spent seven years on death row for killing two teenagers in 1966 for a series of kidnap rapes before and after. in the 70s, california overturned the death penalty. last week stanworth blurted quote i plead guilty to everything. i did everything. this is the third one. this time, he said little. except to ask for a device for the hard of hearing. his prior outbursts may come back to haunt th
at denny's. . >>> on this national day of service, volunteers are work on a massive housing project on the peninsula. in fact, as ktvu's alex savidge reports it's the largest project of its kind in the world. >> reporter: construction got underway early this morning, as habitat for humanity volunteers in hardhats fanned out throughout the complex in daly city, everybody pitching in as parts of national day of service. >> we're really looking forward to coming to the and fine finding a way to contribute. >> reporter: the complex will provide affordable housing for bay area families, but those chosen families do have to put in some work. >> our model is base on a hand up, not a handout. so our homers volunteer and they are helping to boil the home that they will live in. >> reporter: it's actually the largest habitat for humanity project in the world. rob alvarado, who was working on the roof today was here when construction first started and came back for this national day of service. >> i just feel like, if in your life, you had a lot of opportunities, and you have had success an
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months. rethink possible. . >>> eyewitness news is sponsored by denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> letterman is next with jennifer lawrence. she just won a golden globe. >> yeah. the guy wrestling the fish got away. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway broadcasting across the nation and around the world it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, acclaimed singer david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause)
including about 15,000 children. >>> got dennis here to sports. colin has to take it to the road. >> he is hot. before the season began nobody knew colin kaepernick nationally. now he is all over "sports illustrated." check it out. even jim harbaugh has been relegated to warmup act. the 49ers head coach has created a monster and there's not a defense in the league who seems to know how to stop him. the 49ers meet be on the road but vegas has him at four point favorites, as for the big stage of the nfc championship, bring it on. >> just show everybody what we've -- who we are, you know? [ indiscernible ] [ inaudible ] >> last year going into it we didn't know what to expect. not many of us had been in the play-offs previously. and, you know, we got in there, the intensity was a little bit more than what we expected. we adjusted. we played well both the saints and we went out there against, you know, the new york giants and we didn't take care of business. we didn't understand the magnitude of the moment. >> well, i think they understand the magnit
-loosey. the everyday collection. by target. . >>> eyewitness news is sponsored by denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> letterman is next with jennifer lawrence. she just won a golden globe. >> yeah. the
in atlanta and it's an urban legend that players and teams who appear on the cover will be jinxed. dennis joins us now. we are not saying there's any truth to that but alex smith and the 49ers showed up on the cover about this time last year before their loss to new york and the nfc championship game. >> notre dame was on the cover before they lost in the title game. what do you think? >> let me remind you that joe montana was on the cover in january of 1982, it was called super bowl preview. you know what happened? >> he won. >> 49ers won their first championship. there goes your jinx. the 49ers will not only look to avoid the "sports illustrated" jinx but also win three games in a row the first time this season. they returned to the practice field after beating the packers. while there's focus against sunday's game in atlanta they also took a trip down memory lane. jim harbaugh redecorated the locker room with pictures of players from high school days but there was one missing. >> they didn't have the internet back in 1982 that i'm aware of. >> i
. sports director dennis o'donnell is here to explains why it's difficult. >> why is it difficult for teams to play on the road? one big reason. it's loud. the 49ers struggle playing in domes. in seattle it's louder than a dome. the 49ers might be good but they are not soundproof. the 49ers have given their fans plenty to cheer about this season turning the georgia dome into the loudest stadium in the nfl. the 49ers have lost the last six games in atlanta. >> i was told that the decibel level was 113 there at the dome. and, you know, we're trying to get to 115 this week. i know it was deafening there on the sidelines took about a day and a half for me personally to recover. and i had earmuffs on. so i can imagine how it was for a lot of folks. >> the problem with the noise, allen, is if the quarterback walks up under center and he is trying to change the play in audible it's not happening. also they can get the offense out of sync. the ball is snapped at the wrong time. there's confusion. that's what the atlanta fans want to do on sunday.
starting at $8.99. only at denny's. years. this time a . >>> the mavericks surf contest is on. this sunday for the first time in three years. this time around, the rules are a little different for spectators. the beach and all the cliffs will be off limits. the same goes for all roads to pillow point. to watch the event in person, you'll have to go to the oceania hotel and spa at princeton harbor. >> best way to see mavericks is at the mavericks festival. it's something that we were required to do by our county agencies, after the people got washed off the jetty wall and a lot of people got hurt by being out at the beach. >> organizers expect huge waves and sunny skies, which they say should make for perfect surfing conditions. >>> and mavericks is famous for world class surfers taking a big rise on huge waves. >> the wipeouts pretty epic as well sometimes. as dr. kim mull va hill reports, new technology may help surfers tackle the monster waves more safely. >> reporter: mavericks, it's a show like no other. the world's best surfers line u
the next chief of staff is likely to be dennis mcdone mcdonogh. he would replace jack lew. >>> uc students say they will be at the regents' meeting this morning to petition lifting caps on health benefits. and jerry bro unwill be there -- jerry brown will be there. a group of students calling for uc to eliminate the cap as called for in president obama a.m. healthcare overhaul. currently, the plan has a lifetime coverage cap of $had00 -- of $400,000. a student group says that's not enough to cover a serious chronic illness. >>> in ireland and britain, an irish meat processor now recalling 10 million burgers. investigators found one burger out of 27 contained 29% horse meat. >> we're told what the label says and then there's also things not there. it's a bit worrying, isn't it? how much can you trust? >> it's also possible not to -- not to want to end the climate, some have cut corners and horse meat has been supplied. >> authorities say the horse meat is not a danger to the public. >>> 7:21. warmer weather ahead. but what about rain? up next, meteorologist steve paulson will tell us if he
diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >> new this morning, notre dame's all-american linebacker who becamen defined in an internet hoax is speaking out for the first time. he is denying any involvement in the dead girlfriend hoax but he add mets now that he never actually met the fictitious lead on the field in stanford in 2009. this still photograph shows manti te'o during an off-camera interview with espn's jeremy shep last night e said it began on facebook and continued on telephone until he got word of her, quote, death in september. he also claims he was not completely sure that she didn't exist until three days ago when the perpetrator of the hoax called to apologize to him. the espn interviewer detailed his interview. >> were you in any way a part of this? manti te'o said to me know, never. i said never? he said never, not ever. >> takeio reportedly admitted when word got out in september that the woman had died that he tailored his stories to make people believe that he had actually met her. >>> if you are hoping to be decked-out in 49ers appare
, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >>> more now of our coverage of president obama's historic second inauguration. ken pritchett is live where he caught up with some bay area residents who took in the festivities. >> reporter: there's been much talk about how fewer people attended president obama's inauguration this time around and this is true. what is also true is that today we witnessed a ware and remarkable sight as a seat of people -- witnessed a rare and remarkable sight. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: the crowd had to find their way to the national mall. navigating around motorcades and bus caravans, lines were long but this inauguration experience was different than four years ago. >> i can say this one is inty infinitely better, it was a lot colder. >> it's a different number of people. it wasn't as many people as it was before. but the feel s-g still amazing, full of -- but the feeling still amazing, full of hope. >> reporter: the motorcades that coursed to the white house by way of pennsylvania avenue with the president and first lady walking as
.99. only at denny's. the private swearing in ceremony for president obama....as he starts his second term in office. weather ad libs erin: "it just felt like the turn. and at >>> the swearing-in ceremony for president barack obama as he starts the second term in office. >>> at the same time, the interest rates tipping lower and lower. >> taking advantage of the housing boom in the golden state. the signs of the housing market is recovering in california and the rest of the country. >>> welcome back. it's 8:00. and it's january 20th. good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half hour. of course, looking forward to the big 49er game today. and mavericks taking place at half moon bay, world class surfers in our midst. >> that's right. and also the real estate market in the bay area is going up, up, up. what happened to the days of the foreclosures? meanwhile, as noted, hundreds of thousands of people are converging on the nation's capital. >> yeah, they are gathering in washington, d.c. to see president barack obama take the oath of o
skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >> ef the story on new fans on the road to new orleans. >> we have a cheerlead lead. >> these are some of the youngest raye vens fravens fans there. >> i don't think we can stop it. it's raven fever. every morning they come in they watch sunday night football they are pumped up after the game. when they come in monday morning they are talking the game. >> the learning center isn't trying to fight it. the kids decorated their classrooms and hallways with ravens paraphernalia. >> the children have been doing a lot of artwork. we have been getting them pumped up and ready for the games. >> it is not just about the fun raven activities they worked in the ravens to the learning curriculum. >> you can talk about shapes from the football and the numbers on the jersey which is writing and language using numbers in countling. there are so many different ways also physical crogross motor teaching them how to throw a ball. >> i am going to watch the game on sunday and eat snacks. >> these ravens fans are just as excited about the game as patriots th
existed. i'm dennis o'donnell. and what the 49ers coach did today that caught his entire team off guard. coming up. going to see dozens >>> every wednesday at this time we tell you about a jefferson award winner. well, tonight you get to see dozens of them. as sharon chin reports, all the 2012 winners got together last night for our annual medals ceremony. [ applause ] >>> reporter: hundreds of people crowded into the theater in san francisco to pay tribute to the year's regional jefferson award winners including the organization's cofounder sam beard. >> the 50 people we're honoring here tonight, you are winners and so is sandra day o'connor and the point we may is you're more important to the country than the top national winners because if we ever lost the spirit of volunteering we would be a whole different country. >> reporter: five members will be recommended for national recognition. oakland's oral lee brown was honored for keeping her promise to oakland schoolchildren to fund their college educations. she told the audience her next goal
forecast is coming up. >> a giants star is in the hospital tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell. the biggest opponent for the 49ers might not be a player. you will hear what we mean coming up. the days of being forced to withdraw 20-bucks from an a-t-m are coming to an end for some customers. >>> the days of being forced to withdraw 20 bucks from an atm are ending for some customers. chase and pnc are rolling out new machines that hand out exact change down to the dollar. soon they might dispense coins, as well. they are free for customers. out of network fees still apply to noncustomers. >>> well, you hear this all the time, schools taking away classes that can provide valuable vocational training. now a new approach to make sure high school graduates are getting ready to land high paying jobs. cbs 5 reporter john ramos shows us how a new generation will be able to get in on the ground floor. >> you know, the old saying is you're only as good as the next generation? this is the next generation. >> reporter: this old building in fairfield will soon be a n
championships in their first two years? i'm dennis o'donnell and the kapper had a near perfect night. we'll explain why his head coach has a few plays he would like to do over. cyclist lance armstrong. today, he confirmed what many have believed all along. after ye >>> a confession from disgraced cyclist lance armstrong. today, he confirmed what many, many have believed all along. after years of denials, the seven-time tour de france winner has reportedly told oprah winfrey he used performance-enhancing drugs to win. the confession came during an interview with winfrey set to air this thursday. armstrong has also apologized to the staff of "livestrong," the cancer foundation that he started. oprah will be on "cbs this morning" talking about her no- holds-barred interview with armstrong tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. >>> well, a homeland security warning for your computer. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts with the security flaw that could leave you exposed. >> i don't know if it's unprecedented but it's very rarely done if ever. >> repor
will work under coach dennis allen. he has six years experience in the nfl. he was hired after a lengthy interview process. >>> curry will have more treatment on his left ankle to see if he can play tonight. the spurs victory was the 28th straight time they have beaten the warriors at the alamodome. >>> well, today, the cal men's basketball team will travel to stanford. you can see the game on our sister station, tv 36. tip off at 1:30. >>> oakland a's fans have something to look forward to. the team is holding the fan fest. according to the website, the tickets for the fan test are sold out. >>> and a piece of television history is being put up for sale. the bat mobile is up for grabs in scotts dale, arizona. george barris bought the car for $1 in 196 a and he customized it for the series. it's expected to rake in 7 figures. >>> let's see what we're looking like outside right now. >>> good morning to you. the temperatures are continuing to warm. getting into the 10:00 hour, we will be feeling pretty good, low 50s 060s. at the -- 40s to 50s and at lunchtime, into the 50s and 60s. the adv
begin with more staff changes at the white house. dennis mcdonough is likely to be named the next chief of staff. it is being vacated by jack lew. mcdonough one of the president's close advisers since the presidential campaign. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will testify at a senate hearing on the deadly raid at benghazi, libya. her replacement, john kerry, will be sworn in the next day. >>> and what is believed to be the largest study of the flu vaccine during pregnancy, researchers found no evidence that the shot increases the risk of miscarriage. the study, released by the "new england journal of medicine" found that the flu vaccine may prevent some fetal deaths. >>> the aurora, colorado, theater where a shooting ram paige is pages is reopening today. some victims and families are boycotting the reopening ceremony, angry by the theater's response to thtragedy. >>> and wall street, mary thompson at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. the dow's five-day win streak coming to a close. the reason? boeing's shares fall as problems happen with the 78
times running between 18 to 22 minutes. the denny or your coming from the macarthur maze these are freeway or the nimitz freeway. while we had tried this as a hot spot is that not only one so far this morning. looking at 92, the san mateo bridge traffic is low on the approach to the bridge would drive times across the span are returned to our old no more 11 to 13 minutes. we have not seen the 22 minutes drive times as seem to be so much the norm for sept. oct. nov. and dec.. the right heading eastbound is not delayed. the golden gate bridge ride is a smooth commute southbound and northbound. we have been problem free from iran. drive times should quick check the east shore freeway 26 minutes from hercules to berkeley. some of that slowing is due to earlier occuring problems at the bay bridge. west 24 is not bad as slow on the approach and caldecott. south bay freeways are happy but not too bad. nothing to get worse than normal. the north bay ride through iran had stayed under 40 minutes from about to the golden gate bridge. >> good morning gary, have a mixed bag for you t
meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >>> welcome back. the time now, 10:28. what a beautiful day shaping up. the san francisco bay full of mariners. camera has a bit of a shake to it. that's because the winds are still coming offshore and highs are going to represent that. 69 in gilroy. changes as of tomorrow. i'll time out the next storm system at 11:00. one last check of the drive with mike. >> we have more back up at the bay bridge toll plaza because over here, as the earlier crash had cleared through downtown and heading up toward that toll plaza itself. there is is toll plaza. the fast track is just starting to show again some more relief, but we have some late build here. past the coliseum, things recover. looks like the sweepers have probably hit the road that happens every day. on the truck scales, we have slowing, but that's starting to get a lot clearer over the last ten minutes. we have a new crash coming out of mountain view and san antonio. that was just starting to clear. from 237 up to that scene, a lit
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